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Coalescing Filters


Whether you are trying to maintain product purity for commercialization or keep machinery operating at peak efficiency, NFC has industrial filtration solutions for the most critical applications.


Coalescing Filters For Gas, Oil, and Petro-Chemical Industries

NFC is a leading supplier of coalescing filters and conventional filters for industrial applications, including fuel filtration. Our coalescing filter elements are specifically designed to separate immiscible liquids or to remove liquid aerosol and contaminants from gas, providing energy savings and preventing corrosion and damage to downstream equipment.

Our coalescers come in a variety of common types, and we can help you find the right filter for your specific application. Whether you need to achieve a particular separation or filtration goal, NFC offers tailored solutions to meet your needs. We’ve partnered with industry-leading filtration companies and provide our VAS Services to gather the critical information needed to create the right solution for your business.

Trust NFC to provide you with the right coalescing filter elements and conventional filters for your industrial needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your filtration goals and save energy in the process.

Types of Coalescing Filters

Electrostatic Coalescers use an electric current (either AC or DC) to cause droplet coalescence within the fluid mixture. The electric charge destabilizes the mixture and results in larger molecules or droplets. The increase in weight and size cause the liquid molecules to fall into the collection tank to be drained.

Mechanical Coalescers are pressure vessels with a series of filtration elements like barriers, screens, or baffle walls to separate the liquids. Mechanical coalescers are most commonly used in the oil and gas industries to remove water or hydrocarbon condensate. With this type of equipment, the quality of the filters determines the purity of the final solutions. NFC has the resources to help solve your plant coalescing filtration needs.

Common Applications for Coalescing Equipment

Oil and Gas: Coalescing equipment is primarily used throughout the oil and gas industry. Whether it’s upstream, midstream or downstream markets, coalescers are a critical part of their final product process.

Petro-chemical Industry: Petro-chemical operations use liquid-liquid coalescers to remove contaminants, increase purification levels, and prevent corrosion of industrial equipment.

Other applications include: 

    • Aviation- Filtration of Jet Fuel
    • Recovery of Lubricating Oils
    • Natural Gas Dehydration
    • Natural Gas Sweetening
    • Fuel De-Watering

Using coalescing equipment helps to reduce energy costs by improving removal efficiency of contaminants in liquids. This leads to a more efficient and cost-effective process.



When your coalescing filter begins underperforming, it could be time to replace your filter element. Over time, the pores in the filter media can become clogged with contaminants, causing a drop in pressure and reduced gas flow. Ignoring filter failure can lead to system downtime and additional maintenance costs down the road.

Coalescing filter housings have a much longer lifespan than the filter elements, but they still need to be replaced about once a decade. Longevity depends primarily on the material the housing is constructed with. Steel housings can last a lifetime, while plastic housings may need replacing more frequently.


Whether you are looking for a full filtration system, a replacement coalescing filter element, or housing, NFC can help. We’ve partnered with leading manufacturers to provide our customers with the best oil and gas filtration systems.

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Peco Coalescing Filters

Peco is the most trusted brand in the Oil and Gas Industry. Peco is known for wet gas and liquid coalescing filtration systems. Choose from various filter types, replacement filter elements, cartridges, and carbon absorbers.

Contact Us for a New Filter or Replacement Element

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Baldwin Coalescing Filters

Baldwin is at the forefront of filter production for large engines. Baldwin manufactures several coalescers and fuel/water separation systems to protect engines from contamination. We carry a selection of Baldwin filters and replacement coalescing filter elements.

Find a Replacement Filter Element

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Parker Coalescing Air Filters

Parker has an extensive line of coalescing filter elements for the air filtration process. This type of coalescing filter is designed to remove liquid droplets, oil, and water from pneumatic systems. Keep your filter up and running with replacement filter elements like cartridges, housings, and disc filters.

Find a New Unit or a Replacement Filter Element

Northeast Filter offers various high-quality filtration solutions from several major OEMs.

Find replacement coalescing filter elements and other components to keep your systems running. We serve several applications in the oil & gas, power generation, steel, and chemical processing industries.


What Is a Coalescing Filter?

A coalescing filter or a coalescer is used in the separation of fluids. A coalescing filter specifically designed to separate water aerosols from wet gas or oil

How Does a Coalescing Filter Work?

Coalescing filters work to separate water aerosols from wet gas or oil. A flow of liquid enters the coalescing vessel or housing where it encounters a cartridge or element. As the liquid runs through the filter element, small drops of water collect and combine on small fibers. While the flow continues, these droplets get larger and eventually fall off of the fibers and are separated by gravity. In the end, a clean mixture of gas is produced as well as the separated waste.

What is the Function of a Coalescing Filter Separator?

Coalescing filter’s separate and remove liquid particles from liquid gas. These particles are often water and other liquid contaminants that compromise the purity of the gas.

When Should You Replace A Coalescing Filter?

Coalescing filter elements should be replaced at least once a year. Depending on the application the life of the element could be slightly longer or shorter.

What is the Difference Between Particulate and Coalescing Filters?

Coalescing filters are responsible for removing and separating fine particles while particulate filters remove larger contaminates from a gas or liquid.

Which are the Major Coalescing Filter Manufacturers?

Some of the most well known manufacturers of Coalescing filters include Parker Hannifan, Peco Baldwin, and a handful of others.

Who is the Best Supplier of Coalescing Filters in USA?

Northeast Filter has been a leader in the filtration industry for over three decades. Not only do we supply coalescing filtration solutions, we are a distributor of air, gas & liquid filtration and separation products.


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At Northeast Filter, we are more than just a distributor; we are a full-service solutions provider. With these services, NFC has the resources to dive deep into your process to obtain critical information needed to provide you with the desired optimum solution.

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1000+ products, partnered with 20+manufactures, warehouse space, immediate response time and emergency delivery services.



We can provide on and off-site analysis and testing services to create a tailored solution for our customers’ needs through our VAS Division.

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We can offer comprehensive filter analysis services to assist in identifying contaminants affecting process applications.


Our experienced team can help you select the right filtration system for your specific needs and ensure that your equipment is installed correctly for effective operation. Whether you require filtration for commercialization purposes or to keep your machinery operating efficiently, we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

How can we help? We’re happy to assist you with any questions or inquiries you may have – email us or give us a call today!

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