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Hydraulic Filters


Don’t let contaminants wear or break down your fluid power system. NFC is a supplier of filtration products to keep your hydraulic system running smoothly.

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Filtration Solutions For Hydraulic Fluids

Northeast Filter understands the importance of protecting hydraulic components from contamination and, ultimately, system failure.

Hydraulic oil filters are designed to maintain system efficiency by removing harmful particles and fluids from hydraulic systems. As a critical component to sustaining a sound hydraulic system, having the right filter will maintain a clean environment for optimal system performance. NFC has partnered with industry-leading hydraulic filtration companies to give you the necessary products to protect your most critical components.

We are a full-service solutions provider. Through our VAS services, we can help you find the right solutions for no extra cost. We are here to help you find the hydraulic filter that meets your specific needs.

Types of Hydraulic Filtration

Suction Filter: Suction filters are placed directly on the fluid line before the pump for low-pressure applications.

Pressure Filter: Similar to suction filters, pressure filtration is also part of the in-line category. Pressure filters were created for high-pressure fluid and are located after the pump.

Off-line Filtration: Off-line filtration solutions are commonly used to supplement primary filters in systems without a constant flow. Off-line filtration uses a separate pump and is connected directly to the reservoir.

Return Filter: For applications where the pump needs to be protected, return filters are placed directly on the return line. Return filters remove harmful particles from hydraulic fluids before returning to the reservoir while continuously cleaning and recirculating the fluid reservoir.

Duplex High-Pressure Filter: For hydraulic systems with a continuous flow, duplex filters have a valve that allows easy transfer of flow from one filter to the other. Two filters allow for continuous flow during filter maintenance.

Specifications to Consider

Before choosing a filter type, it’s essential to understand the specifications of your hydraulic system. Take into account the following variables when choosing a hydraulic oil filter:

  • Fluid types
  • Operating pressure
  • Flow rate
  • Amount of expected fluid contaminants/particles
  • Ideal fluid cleanliness levels

Still not sure which filtration solution is right for your application? We can help! Request a quote so we can help match you with the proper filter for your equipment.

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At Northeast Filter, we are more than just a distributor; we are a full-service solutions provider. With these services, NFC has the resources to dive deep into your process to obtain critical information needed to provide you with the desired optimum solution.

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1000+ products, partnered with 20+manufactures, warehouse space, immediate response time and emergency delivery services.



We can provide on and off-site analysis and testing services to create a tailored solution for our customers’ needs through our VAS Division.

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We can offer comprehensive filter analysis services to assist in identifying contaminants affecting process applications.


How can we help? We’re happy to assist you with any questions or inquiries you may have – email us or give us a call today!

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